Girl Scouts in Pueblo Colorado

Girl Scouts Colorado

It’s back to school time in Pueblo! Which means time to sign up for all those new school year activities too! So over the next few weeks we’ll focus on sharing some of the great activities for school-aged kiddos with you! Today’s focus is Girl Scouts!

First and foremost – if you already know you’re interested in joining Girl Scouts? You can head over to the Girl Scouts of Colorado website and fill out an interest form! With the start of the school year, the Pueblo Council office is also out and about promoting at schools and that’s one of the bet ways to find them and ask any questions you have! You can also call their office in Pueblo - (719) 543-4690! 

The scouts are also ALWAYS looking for more parent volunteers! As an Troop Leader myself, I can promise you that the work you put in will be worth it! For my once per week commitment? I got to watch these girls grow and learn throughout the year, I made one of my closest friends in town and I had a lot of fun hanging out with the girls in my troop!

The Girl Scouts of troop 30222 collect books for the Child Advocacy Center in a book drive they put on last spring!

The Girl Scouts of troop 30222 (Morton Elementary) collect books for the Child Advocacy Center in a book drive they put on last spring!

So why should you (or your daughter/granddaughter/child)  join Girl Scouts? Instead of writing some big long spiel here? I decided to ask a few of the Girl Scouts and leaders from troop 30222 that meets at Morton Elementary!

Skyler – 1st Grade - Daisy Scout:

  1.  The girl scout meetings are fun! My favorite meeting was when we made Posters for our Book Drive! We got split into teams and got to create our own signs. I also loved going to the Fire Playce and making pottery!
  2. Making Friends is my second favorite thing! I met lots of friends at Girl Scouts, and I like to spend time with them at our fun things, like Roller Skating!
  3. I like that sometimes we get to do crafts! I love crafts and they are more fun with friends! We made friendship bracelets, and I still have mine in my bedroom.
  4. That we get to help people! We learned a lot about the Child Advocacy Center this year, and then we collected books for kids who don’t have toys and books!
  5. I liked Selling Cookies! We got to dress up like cookies and stand outside of Albertson’s! Plus? I got cool prizes!

(The book drive is fresh in her mind, because the last project of the 2013-14 school year was for the girls to collect books for the drive! They collected over 1,000 books for the center!)

Amber – 4th Grade – Junior Girl Scout

  1.  I like Girl Scouts because I make new friends, you get too meet other people that you might not meet if it wasn’t for scouts!
  2. Girl Scouts is fun because you get to camp! You can go to Lazy Acres (near San Isabel) for Day Camp and to sleep over with your troop!
  3. In Girl Scouts you get to see new animals. You get to see different species!
  4. You get to help people in Girl Scouts! I believe even though we are little, we can still help!
  5. Girl Scouts lets you run your own business! You get to sell Girl Scout cookies!

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