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3 Knit & Crochet Meet-Ups (And 3 Reasons You Should Go)

Why Crochet and Knit?

  1. Health. Working with beautiful yarn colors and textures can help relieve stress. If you have arthritis, knitting or crocheting can help keep the fingers limber.
  2. Practical gifts for yourself, family, friends, and those in need. Children and adults in need of items include: domestic abuse victims, Hospice and local nursing home patients, foster children, low-income families, victims of natural disaster, fires, floods, tornadoes, etc.
  3. Social. It also is a social activity to share with co-workers, family, and friends, and — yes — strangers. Whether you want to strengthen old bonds or make new ones, connecting with others is an important way to hear new perspectives, share thoughts with others, and to build a support network.

Make Time Tomorrow

We’ve found three local groups that meet regularly around Pueblo who welcome people of all ages and skill levels. Even better, they all will meet at different times throughout the day tomorrow.

Knit and Crochet Club

Where: Starbucks
700 Eagleridge Blvd. Pueblo, CO 81008
When: 4 pm
Questions: 251-1938 or jpf6476@hotmail.com

Knit and Chat Club

Where: SRDA Joseph Edwards Senior Center
230 N. Union Ave. Pueblo, CO 81003
When: 1 pm

Cast Off Knitters

Where: Pueblo West Library
298 S Joe Martinez Blvd. Pueblo West, CO 81007
When: 1 -4 pm

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