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Around Pueblo – Local Treasures

Around Pueblo

We’ve recently decided to start featuring some of the local “treasures” of Pueblo that you may not know about!! This first feature is Cup and Bowl – a local pottery co-op where you can buy pretty gifts and trinkets as well as take Pottery Classes! I’ve reached out to one of the members and asked her for some information!

Cup and Bowl


Hi, my name is Angela graham, one of the members at cup & bowl pottery co-op. Cup &bowl has been around for over 5 years and is a converted house into a gallery, and working studio. With nearly 20 members, and classes both throwing and homebuilding. I am one of the throwing instructors, with many classes getting ready to start, and classes set around your schedule. $25 per class.

Some of the events we have done, include working with empty bowls, working with girl scout groups, and the el pueblo museum. And of course our monthly raku party that happens every first Friday. Our next first Friday is Feb 6 (5-8) featuring our member Kuky and raku for two. Where you can pick a pot that has been made by one of our members, and glaze it, abriendo t gets fired and done in about an hour. Raku is a process where the pots are heated up to over 1800 degrees and then put into combustibles and, then smoked. We also have started doing Obvara firings which we call the cake batter glaze. It is an old world method that many of us have become almost obsessed with. You don’t have to glaze, you heat the piece to 1650 degrees and then dip it into a fermented mix of flour, yeast, sugar and water. The result is a toasty tan to brown with dots that are light lightning bugs or toasted marshmallows.

Cup and bowl is unique in pueblo as you get one on one instruction for classes, classes no bigger than 5 usually. And we also have parties, you can have a raku party for business groups, birthday parties, $25 per person and you get to rent us, and each person gets to pick a pot to get glazed.

Many of our members including myself have been making pots for over 15 years. It is a great place to get local, handmade art, including many members are willing to do custom work as well. We are open Wednesday through Saturday 10-5 and by appointment. 116 midway ave. 7194043469
Like us on facebook at facebook.com/cupandbowl
Or cupandbowl.com

Cup and bowl 2

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