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Not all Mom’s are created equal

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You might not be a mother, however we all have one.   She is the one who prepares countless meals when you are hungry.  Does the laundry after a long days work.  Wakes up every morning to help you get to school on time.  Packs your lunch and warms the bath at night.   She will defend you and give you a second chance.  She is the one who bandages your knees when you fall, and your heart when you get older.  She is love without measure.

I am grateful I have a loving mom who is everything on this list and more!  Her love is unconditional.  However, not everyone has a mom that measures up to any of these standards.  And so for that I’m writing this post.   Mother’s Day might bring a lot of pain or resentment.  I just want you to know you are valuable, loved, and adored by someone greater than any mom could ever measure up to.  His name is Jesus and He is completely in love with you.  So, this Mother’s Day I would encourage you to love those who have hurt you and reach towards the one who is created you!


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