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A Romantic Comedy Comes to the Playhouse

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sweet and hilarious

A modern, anime-inspired take on a popular play

See what happens when governments get involved in people’s love lives. The Mikado (emperor) declares it illegal to flirt, marriages are arranged, and the the only way to prevent your own excitation is to be come the executioner.

Damon Runyon Repertory members (from left) Matt Anderson, Kiera Roberts, Rebecca J. Work (top), Bryanna Dewar and Lacey Hunter rehearse an anime-inspired production of 'The Mikado.' The opera opens Saturday.In this more “modern’ version…

  • The costuming and makeup are inspired by the contemporary Japanese anime creative efforts that are so popular today.
  • The company has also changed the choreography to imitate anime’s characteristic exaggerated movements, large eyes, etc.
  • The dialogue between the traditional musical numbers was updated.

Damon Runyon’s modern “The Mikado” is representative of the company’s delight in tweaking with an audience’s expectations. If you love traditional Gilbert and Sullivan this play is not for you. But if you love the spirit of “The Mikado” or are simply in the spirit for a little fun, then maybe this is the play for you.


7:30 pm April 24 & 25th
2:00 pm April  26th



Box Office is open Wednesday – Thursday: 1:00  – 5:00
And One hour before curtain on performance days
OR order tickets online HERE



Damon Runyon Theater
611 N. Main
Pueblo, CO  81003

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