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ABCMouse.com Early Learning Academy Review

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AbcMouse.comWay back in the day, when Scribber was 3, I kept seeing adds for ABCmouse.com on the Sprout Channel.  She was already poking around at my computer, so I thought “Why not give her something of her own to do!”

That was 2 years ago and ABCMouse is still one of the most visited sites in our house! She’s completed all of the “Learning Path” assignments now, but continues to play a few times a week in hopes of building up her Hamster Cages more! (One of the rewards for completing activities is pet hamsters that you have to care for!)

For our family, ABCMouse.com has been a blessing. Ultimately, it opened the door to homeschooling for us. But watching her learn on her own and work her way through the Learning Path was a lot of fun for me. It’s a fun program, and I know that when she’s on the computer and playing her games, I can sneak away and not worry about what she might be getting into! (Especially since I can usually hear her giggling or even talking to her beloved hamsters!

ABCMouse.com Hamsters

The site is broken into Free Play and a Learning Path (and the parents set the levels – so if it’s too easy or too tough, you can change their level.

While the website advertises that it goes through Kindergarten, I would argue that. I think it’s been about a year since Scribber outgrew the learning portion of it! (But review never hurt anyone!)

Now that I’ve given you my basic thoughts, I’ll jump into the meat and potatoes of this program!

At $7.95/month (after a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL) your little ones will get their toes wet in a variety of subjects, and as mentioned you can pick the “all around” learning path, or pick and choose based on you childs needs. (I still use ABCMouse.com for Scribber’s school, for things like telling time! I struggle with teaching her that one, but the learning games have made it a bit easier for her!!)

I cannot recommend ABCMouse.com enough to families with little ones! It’s a fun, friendly approach to learning and has been well worth the price to our household!

ABCMouse.com Time

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