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Bountiful Baskets CoOp – Quality Produce for a GREAT price!

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Bountiful Baskets Pueblo
Bountiful Baskets offers low cost, high value weekly distributions in both Pueblo and Pueblo West. Offerings include: fruits, veggies, organic whole-grain breads made without preservatives, granola, cold-pressed oils and other bulk specialty items such as lentils, wheat berries, beans and raw unfiltered vinegar. The website for reserving your baskets opens at noon each Monday and closes at 10:00pm on Tuesday evening. Baskets and offerings are different each week but always represent a great value at $15.00 for the conventional and $25.00 for the certified organic basket. Http://www.bountifulbaskets.org/

Remember, if you are interested in taking advantage of a case price but worry a case is too large for your family to use, there are often people who participate each week that feel the same way – feel free to post on the page to connect with each other and split the cases in half (or even thirds or fourths)!

This week’s conventional basket:

Roma Tomatoes
Satsuma Oranges


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