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Camp Jackson Registration Now Open

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Treat your child to a week in the beautiful mountains, making new friends, learning new skills and making memories that will last a lifetime. Every day is spent with cabin mates and new friends while the evenings are spent with the whole camp in evening programs and camp fires. Camp Jackson 1-2 week-long summer camps are divided into Base Camp (ages 7-12), Teen Camp (ages 12-14), and Senior Teen Camp (ages 14-17)

Typical Daily Schedule

7:00am Wake Up:  Counselors help campers get up and prepare for the day.
7:40am Flag Raising:  A short ceremony in which we raise the flag, cabin groups take it in turn to run this ceremony.
7:45am Thought for the Day:  A time to gather as a group to share a “thought for the day” or discuss the daily values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility
8:00am Breakfast:  MEAL TIME! One cabin will set up and clean up.
8:30am Details:  Each Cabin helps tidy up a specific area of camp.
9:00am Specialty Areas:  Campers will break out to work on their specialty area at Camp.
12:00pm Lunch:  MEAL TIME! One cabin will set up and clean up.
1:00pm FOB (Feet in Bunk):  Rest time.  Campers can read, write letters home, or just take a nap.
2:00pm Store:  Campers can purchase a snack and drink.
2:30pm 1st Cabin Time:  Activity time as a cabin group.
3:30pm Choice Time:  Campers sign up for programs they really, really, really want to try.
5:15pm Flag Lowering:  Each Cabin has a chance to lower the Flag in their own respectful way.
5:30pm Dinner:  MEAL TIME! One cabin will set up and clean up.
6:30pm Evening Program:  All Camp game, the best part of the day!
7:45pm Campfire:  Funny songs, skits and a good message at the end.
9:00pm Devotions:  Counselors lead the cabin in a motivational reflection on the day.
10:00 pm Lights Out: Campers sleep…seriously.

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