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Category: Mom Squad

From the Schoolhouse to Your House, Part 3

Welcome back! This is my favorite part in our three-part series on homeschooling because we’re going to look into different methods – or styles – of homeschooling. We’ll also talk about the cost of homeschooling, but choosing your method can

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From the Schoolhouse to Your House, Part 2

Thank you for joining us again! In this post, we’ll follow up from Part 1 by discussing independent, or umbrella, schools and how they can fulfill the homeschool family’s needs. We’ll also talk about finding great homeschool groups! So come

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Become a Mom Squad Contributor

Are you a mom who is plugged into our community? Do you love to write and take great photographs? Do you enjoy baking, crafting, creating, or sharing helpful advice? We’re looking for a few creative bloggers to join our Mom

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