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Chieftain Pet Expo

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Pueblo Pets

Pet Expo

April 19, 10 am – 4 pm

Highlights include contests, a Vaccination Clinic from 10 am to 1 pm & Chieftain Weather Dog Hound Up 10 am to 1 pm. The Chieftain Weather Dog Hound Up allows local pet lovers to bring their fine, furry friends to be photographed for the Chieftain’s daily weather page!


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10:00-10:05   Welcome

Opening Announcements

10:05-10:20   Sit Means Sit Demonstration

10:20-10:30   Announcements

10:30-10:45   4-H Demonstration

10:45-10:55   Announcements

10:55-11:10   Southern Colorado Kennel Club Demonstration

Dog Contest Winner - Illustration Featuring a Cute Dog...11:10-11:45   Contest- Best Hairdo, Most Expressive Ears, Best Smile

11:45-12:00   4-H Demonstration

12:00-12:30   Deputy Talton/ K-9 PC

12:30-1:00     Contest- Fluffiest, Best Wagging Tail

1:00-1:15       Tundra

1:15-1:35       Matthew Palmer, Pet Photographer

1:35-1:55       Ruby Ridpath/ MWD Alik and War Dog Memorial Colorado

1:55-2:00       Announcements

2:00-2:15       Pet Blessing Father Becino

Moment of Silence CWD Carlos and All Pets Lost in 2014

2:15-2:45       Contest- Most Unique, Most Sylish

2:55-3:10       Sit Means Sit Demonstration

3:10-3:40       Contest- Owner/Pet Lookalike, Best Kisser

3:40-3:55       Southern Colorado Kennel Club Demonstration

3:55-4:00       Thank you

Closing Announcement


Pueblo Convention Center
320 Central Main St.
Pueblo, CO 81003

Planning to attend this eveent? Take a picture and share your photo on our Facebook page!

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