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Creating a Healthier Life Style with Essential Oils – FREE Workshop 11/16


I’m constantly trying to increase our families health.  By reducing the amount of processed food we are consuming and learning to take the time to eat more “real food”.   I’ve always watched what I have put into my body, but now that I have two little one’s I’m constantly looking for more ways to increase their quality of life too.


So, recently when I came across essential oils and their healing properties, my ears perked up. What I didn’t realize is that some essential oils can actually be taken internally.   So, I have started putting a few drops of peppermint in my water (yum).  And I have been using the lemon on my feet to repair the dry skin on my heels and within a week they are almost back to normal.  Not to mention a few drops of the oil in my kitchen cleaning water makes my kitchen smell amazing and uplifts my spirits for the day.  I also have been exploring lavender because its a natural way to fight a headache and it’s even great for scars (who knew?).

With hundred’s of different essential oils out there I bet we all could start replacing modern medicine with natural products just like they used in Biblical days!  I recently came across a free workshop that is being held here in Pueblo on Saturday, November 16th, from 1-3 at the Abriendo Inn (300 W. Abriendo Avenue).

What types of essential oils would you recommend and why?

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