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Date Night In Pueblo Colorado

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Date Night Pueblo Colorado

One of the most commonly asked questions on our Facebook page is about Date Night! So we decided to just compile a list of some of your favorite places to go for dates! (We’re featuring local businesses on this page – but Pueblo Does offer many fantastic chains too!)

Day-Time Date Ideas

If you’ve just got an hour or two in the middle of the day (which seems to usually be the way it works for my husband and myself?) Pueblo has some amazing local coffee shops and places to grab a quick bite to eat!

One of my absolute favorite is 5th and Main Espresso Bar! Located on the first floor of the Historic Federal Building in Downtown Pueblo? This quaint little shop serves a variety of lunch items and pastries as well as delicious coffee! Solar Roast and Daily Grind Cafe are two other great coffee shops that both offer a fun atmosphere, great coffee and yummy treats for your quick late morning/afternoon date!

If a picnic lunch is more your style? Burito’s Betty is a local favorite – located on 24th and Elizabeth? This amazing local secret is only open from 7am-2pm and does not featur seating, so you could grab it and head over to Mineral Palace Park for a quick picnic!

Another favorite is The Fire Playce! This quaint little shop across the street from the Rawlings Library is a great place to go and spend an afternoon together! (Or pick up one of their To-Go boxes and paint at home!!) The ladies that run this paint your own pottery studio are a ton of fun, and you’re sure to love your time there!

Grab a Bite to Eat

One of my favorite things about living in Pueblo are the amazing local eateries! (And luckily? They all make for great dates!) If you’re meeting your honey over a quick lunch hour? Pass Key is always a great choice for their Super Special (Italian Sausage Sandwich) and super yummy fries!

Is Pizza more your thing? Pueblo has some of the best pizza places around! Angelo’s on the Riverwalk is the perfect place for a romantic date! (And they serve single slices, so if you’re like me and my husband and have hugely differents tastes? That’s a great option!) On a similar note, Manhattan’s is one of our favorite places for a casual date! We love to go in, order a pizza and a pitcher of beer and just spend the evening chatting! Toni and Joe’s is a great, centrally located pizzeria!  And of course, Do Drop Inn has a diverse (and delicious) menu!

What about the famous Pueblo Slopper? It doesn’t matter if you prefer Sunset Inn or Gray’s Coors Tavern – this Pueblo Specialty is a MUST HAVE for anyone who has spent much time in Pueblo, and it’s a great date night meal!

And of course, we can’t forget Mexican Food in Pueblo! There are way too many local Mexican eateries to list here! (And to try and feature more, we’ve asked on Facebook!) Nacho’s is a popular place for Date Night! Of course if it was up to my husband? I think the only place we’d ever go out to dinner would be Jorge’s Sombrero.

Late Night Date Night?

Pueblo has quite a few places to head out for a drink! One of my favorite’s for our date nights is Shamrock Brewing Company – they have some absolutely amazing local brews! (And some delicious Irish themed food – I love their Shepherd’s Pie!)

Or you could check out one of the newest Date Night Locales, Wine Down By The River! Located at 105 S. Union (down by the River Walk!) this is a great new Wine Bar!  (But keep in mid that Wednesday’s are Women’s Night!)

Of course after all is said and done? Head over to the Mesa Drive-In (seasonally, of course) for a fun, late night experience!!

Out and About?

Heading over to the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center is always a fun date! We love to have a bite to eat at Franco’s Bistro (located in the Arts Center) It’s delicious and affordable! Then stroll through the Galleries! (Ok, so I’ll be honest – this is more my type of date than my husbands… but I usually get him to agree to it by promising that the following weekend we can hit up a sports bar and watch a game.)

The Pueblo Ice Arena is also a fun place or a date! Their open skates on week nights don’t tend to be too busy – if you’re worried about spending more time falling down than skating! But the Friday Night Laser Light Skates are a ton of fun too!

We know we couldn’t possibly hit EVERY PLACE in Pueblo – but what’s your favorite date activity in town?

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