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Mommy & Me Nature Hour

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Knee High Nature Hour —

Bursting Buds

Explore nature with your toddler





Parents, toddlers and babies (ages 0-4) are invited to explore nature together. Take short hikes, play games, listen to stories or music, and complete age-appropriate crafts.

This FREE event will take place at and around the NRCP Yurt on Wednesday, March 18th.

Register ahead of time at 549-2458.



mp_Red-tailed Hawk-immatureThe Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo has environmental education programs that emphasize the interrelationships among all forms of life. They offer activities such as wildlife viewing, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and opportunities for families to introduce their children to the wonder of nature through a walk along the river. Their goal is “to increase Pueblo County community members’ awareness, appreciation, and support for our natural environment through these programs.”

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