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Farmer’s Market at the Riverwalk

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Farmer's MarketThere’s still a few more weeks to hit up the Farmer’s Market at the Riverwalk! This is a great way to support local farmers, gardners and artisans while picking up some delicious produce and local gifts!

Thursday from 4pm – 7pm with live (local) music from 5pm – 7pm!

One of my favorite things about Farmer’s Markets? (Aside from just the knowledge that you’re buying local and supporting our community) That my six year old gets to feel like she’s part of the process! This summer we’ve had a lot of fun talking to the vendors at the Riverwalk Farmer’s Market as we make our purchases, learning a bit about how and where they grow their produce! (And she already has plans for when she’s older – 16, according to her – and she can have her own booth at the Farmer’s Market! She’s planning on selling Rubber Band Bracelets and making a small fortune! (So for my sanity, let’s all be glad that Rubber Band Bracelet fad most likely won’t last ten more years!)

Chile Fest is coming up (September 19-21) but the last few weeks of the Farmer’s Market are great opportunities to get some Pueblo Chiles!

I can’t say enough how important it is to buy locally! (And the Farmer’s Market is a perfect example of that! DoSomething.org has the pefrect example:

Local food supports local farmers. The American family farmer is a vanishing breed – fewer than 1,000,000 people (less than 1%) of Americans claim farming as a primary occupation. It’s no wonder: it’s hard to make a living when you get less than 10 cents of every retail food dollar. By buying locally, the middleman disappears and the farmer gets full retail price, in turn helping farmers continue to farm.


Do you need a few delicious recipes to use your Farmer’s Market Finds on? How about Yellow Squash Biscuits, Green Chili, Green Chile & Corn Queso or Green Chile Mac & Cheese!

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