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Favado Grocery Saving Free App

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If, I told you I was confident you would save money at the grocery store if you used a free grocery store app, would I capture your attention?  Then let me share with you what I have learned about the Free App.  The last few months I have been using a new app called Favado.  The app compiles all grocery store advertised prices and you’re able to access them right on your iPhone,  Android or Windows devices.

Favado is the most comprehensive grocery and shopping app I’ve seen.  If, you are out of milk you can type in milk and find out all the advertised prices in Pueblo on milk (or diapers, laundry soap, etc.).  I just took a screen shot from my phone and I searched for the word “Pampers” and here’s a screen shot that I received instantly.  And you can do this with anything you purchase from any of our local grocery or drug stores here in Pueblo.


It rocks and I am confident it will save you money at the grocery store (it even shows you if any coupons are available and where to find them).

To download Favado you can visit their website “Favado“.

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