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Free Goal Setting Printable

This is such a unique time in the history in our world. You have been given a moment to reflect on your life.  I have found many challenges in it, but I have also found an incredible opportunity for us to pray, focus, and evaluate ones life.  Let’s face it life as you know can change in a minute.

If, you’re sick and tired of letting life control your time and freedom.  Take control of your life by starting to make goals and STICKING to them.  I have created a simple goal setting free printable that is not overwhelming, however will point you in the right direction.  By simply making a goal and writing it down.


  • Create morning and evening habits (I make 5 per week).
  • Intentionally eliminating things that steal your time (social media, television, internet surfing, etc.).
  • Make daily goals and look at them daily.
  • Make weekly goals that build off of your daily goals.
  • Make monthly goals that require time to complete that builds from your daily and weekly goals.

Download your free goal setting printable HERE.

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