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FREE Interactive Kids Chore Chart from My Job Chart!


Have you checked out My Job Chart yet? It’s an online chore chart for your kiddo’s! Each chore they complete they earn a set point value, and each point equals $.1!!  (Example: Cleaning my daughters bedroom gains her 10 points or $.10)  Then once they’ve earned their money, they have the option to Save, Share or Spend! How perfect is this FREE tool for teaching children responsibility with money??

I’ve just signed up my daughter (So I’ll be doing a full review in the near future!) But in the five minutes I’ve been on MyJobChart.com? I’m impressed! For the save options, you can enter a savings account for your child! For Share, you can chose between a variety of charities including Children’s Miracle Network and American Cancer Society! And for Spend? You get to pick your childs rewards ranging from purchasing actual items (which it tells the how many points they need – a Melissa and Doug Easel is 6,000 points) and earning household rewards like extra TV time.

With My Job Chart, you can download apps to your phone, tablet or work it from your computer! (I love this, because my daughter loves using the Tablet and I’m sure this will motivate her to check her chore list more often!

To try this completely FREE website, just click here!

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