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Free Pueblo Couponing Class – November 9th

Couponing ClassClass is Full 

Are you wanting to learn how to reduce your grocery bill by simply using coupons?  Join us on November 9th from 9:30-11:00 am for a FREE coupon workshop.

I’m a coupon expert and I love to teach others how they can reduce their grocery bill by simply using coupons.   Over 6 years ago I was struggling to make ends meet and the mortgage or car payment wasn’t changing the only thing that I could change was the amount I was spending on groceries.  So I quickly learned to ropes and reduced my monthly grocery bill by over 50%.  Today our family of 4 monthly food budget is only $250 (including diapers)!

My hope is you will do the same thing for your family, that I have created for mine!

Spacing is VERY limited, so please do not register until you know you can come :D!



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