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Grocery Money Saving APP that is a MUST (if you like to save money)

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I’m so excited to announce that BEST grocery money saving app has been launched and best of all it’s FREE!  Not only can you pick up to 10 local grocery and drug store’s in Pueblo to see what is on sale, but can create and email your weekly grocery list to yourself including coupons!  As a money saving grocery expert this app will change the way I shop forever!!!


You can also personalize your products or brands. So you can see the sales for products you buy regularly.  It will tell you the price, where they are on sale at and if there is any coupons available.  You can also compare prices of your favorite items to other stores.


This app is truly unbelievable, even if you don’t use coupons you will be able to save money on the items you are already purchasing, because you will know where to buy them at!  My mouth is on the floor still… I am shocked this if FREE!


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