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Help us bring you MORE events and activities!

Hey Pueblo!

Since our site has experienced growth in the recent months, we wanted to make a quick post/reminder about who we are and what we do! (As well as ask for your help!)

We (All Things Pueblo) are two local moms, who spend our limited free time hunting the internet and facebook for activities and ideas around town. (Read our About Us page!)

Andrea started All Things Pueblo because she had a passion for blogging and was always hoping to find more things to do with her two kiddos around town. A few months later, she invited me (Jacque) to join her and for the past year we have had a lot of fun bringing you local activities, events and services around town.

But? We are just two moms. And we both have busy lives (as we know many of you do also!) so sometimes? We make mistakes, or we miss events. It happens. (As much as we hate to admit it!) But we’re hoping for your help so we can be sure to bring you as many opportunities as we can! If you have an event or activity around town? Please submit it via our Event Submission Page!  (We do reserve the right to hold back on sharing an item if it doesn’t fit with our family friendly theme at All Things Pueblo!)

Thanks so much for your understanding and support that has helped grow All Things Pueblo into a Community Resource here in Pueblo!

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