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Knee High Nature Hour — August 19th

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Music, Crafts, & Games

Made for Mommy & Me

Meet at the NRCP Yurt this Wednesday, August 19th, to explore nature with your toddler through stories, music, crafts and games. The fun runs from 9 am to 10 am.

Please pre-register for Nature High Nature Hour by calling 719-549-2458.

This free event is sponsored by G.O.A.L. Academy.

Programs GuideNRCP’s programs are hands-on, science based and correlate to Colorado’s Model Content Standards. Their programs stress the ecological concepts of interrelationships between animal, plant, and human communities. It is the goal of these programs to increase student’s awareness and appreciation for natural resources and biodiversity, and to help them understand that humans are an integral part of the natural environment, and not apart from it
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