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Learn How to Sell on Amazon & eBay – Local Live Classes Coming to Pueblo 2014


Since January 2005, I’ve been selling online to help make ends meet.  First I started on eBay and now I split my focus between Amazon and eBay.   Working online has allowed me the “extra” things in life for my family, but for some of you it can be your only stream of income.


For quite some time I have considered teaching classes in Pueblo.  Because let’s face it, who knows what’s to come and a little more financial security for you would be great. The good news is that you have the basic computer skills, gadgets, nick-knacks, and outgrown toys in your home.  You have the perfect startup inventory, and you know the history behind each item.

So, if you’re ready to have fun and clean out your un-used items or collections.  Coming in January,  I’m personally going to show you how to find the right buyers for your items. This is also a great opportunity for moms who have a steady stream of toys, outgrown sports items, clothes, to sell for years to come.  If, you have 15 minutes here and there you can make money, get rid your unused items all while in your pajamas.

The cost of the class will $29.95 and registration will be open in November, spacing will be limited.

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