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Legos at the Library

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Build creativity, problem-solving skills, and family bonds through this fun and family-friendly activity.

Legos, Robots, and mazes

Make a maze and pilot a LEGO Mindstorm Robot! Create your own language and learn how the robot will respond to you.

Great for kids, teens, and adults

This “Lego Mindstorm” will occur on Monday, March 16th, 4pm – 5pm, at the Patrick A. Lucero Library. It will be held in the Large Community Room.

Lucero Library
1315 E. 7th St.
Pueblo, CO 81001


The public libraries serve as a foundation for our community by offering welcoming, well equipped and maintained facilities,outstanding collections, and well-trained employees who provide expert service encouraging the joy of reading, supporting lifelong learning and presenting access to information from around the world.

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