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Little Passports – Review and Black Friday Weekend Sale!


My kiddo is big into watching YouTube videos, about anything and everything! A few months ago she watched a handful of “Little Passports” videos, she was absolutely awestruck. So I did some research, found a coupon and decided to sign us up!

We’ve had the box for three months now – with three different locations to study, so I decided to go ahead and give a quick review of the Little Passports program.

So, what is it?
Little Passports is a mail order program – with two age levels.
• World Edition, aimed at 5 – 10 year olds
• USA Edition, aimed at 7 – 12 year olds

What does it cost?
There are several different payment options. Starting at $10.95/month for a 12 month subscription (Paid all at once – $132) or a monthly renewal of $11.95.

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So what do I get?
Each month your child(ren) will receive an envelope in the mail from Sam and Sofia (the characters) with study tools for the location. (In the World edition you get a sticker for their passport, a souvenir from the location, a pin (sticker) for the World Map, photo from the locale, a worksheet and access to that countries portion of the website.)

The first month (with the world edition) you’ll get a travel suitcase, wall map, passport and introductory activities.

*TheUSA edition has a slightly different rotation.

Scribber Passports

My little one loves her Little Passports box, and looks forward to our “Travel Days”!  We use the program two days a week – typically the first time we pull EVERYTHING out, then we’ll spend one day doing the worksheet that goes with it, one day reading books from the library on the location, one day cooking a meal that comes from that location, etc.

Since she is just 5, she is definitely on the young side for this program. (I think if we had started it any earlier, she would have become frustrated and not enjoyed it quite as much!) She definitely needs my help filling out the worksheet, and often figuring out the computer aspect of the program as well. But that doesn’t make it any less fun – it’s definitely a great “mommy and me” activity in our house!


I have to say, I am totally impressed with the quality of this product!

I was worried the cardboard suitcase would be flimsy. Flimsy doesn’t work in our house! But it’s not in the slightest! The case has held up well to my kiddo’s excitement. (It went EVERYWHERE with us for the first week!)  And the passport that comes with the kit rivals that of my actual Passport! (And she’s got FAR more stamps than I do by now!)

I’m also impressed with the souvenirs – such as the amethyst rock that came with Brazil! (For Christmas she will be getting a shelf for her room so she can display her goodies – that’s how much we love this product at our house!)


If you’re a homeschooling family, or just like to add a little educational fun into your house? I would highly recommend Little Passports! This program has proven itself worth the $11.95/monthly fee that we pay for it in our house and has my kindergartner excited to learn about the world around us!


BLACK FRIDAY DEAL!!! Get 50% off your first month with Little Passports!! Just enter BLACK50 at checkout!! 

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