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Love Dare – Day 2, Love Is Kind

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Day 2 – Love is Kind

Today’s mission is to continue yesterdays goal of not saying anything negative, but also to do at least one gesture of kindness that is unexpected!

Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.  Ephesians 4:32

Unfortunately for our husbands, most of our day was spent being kind to others! We loaded up my car, our kids and a whole bunch of turkeys for our Thanksgiving Basket drive! It was an incredibly wonderful day, but our husbands were pretty much left out as we spent 10 hours driving around Pueblo!

Jacque Dare

Since my husband is still out of town, I had to do today’s task via technology.

First, I sent him several random text messages. Normally our texts are quick, news related. “The kid refused dinner.” or “Hey, I need you to do this…” So today? I made a point to send him several messages, thanking him for all he sacrifices for our family.

Then, after I sent the kiddo to bed – it’s been a long day for her – I sat down to write him an email. It was long, wordy and full of fluffy gushy words. (Which is TOTALLY not normal for me…) I listed a few moments in the past few weeks that I was sincerely grateful for. I told him how I was looking forward to our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday – being spent at home, together – rather than surrounded by our loud and (wonderfully) crazy families!

Sure, I’d have loved to have done something for him. Buy him a gift, cook him dinner, etc. But with him being 1500 miles away today, it wasn’t possible. So technology related “kindness” will have to do!

(Perhaps I’ll go clean out his half of the closet – so it’s actually usable for him!! I suppose I could stand to donate some of the outfits I don’t ever really wear anyway, right?? Then, it’ll be a delayed act of kindness for when he finally makes it home – but none the less unexpected!)

Andrea Dare

As Jacque already shared our day was spent together and Mike was in Lamar on business.  So we didn’t talk all that much, but I did make a point to be kind to him and listen to him when he called to check on us.  Part of todays dare was not to say anything negative and thankfully I was never put in the position to be negative 🙂

I just want to say that as I sit here on my sofa watching my hubby watch a video on his iPad.  I am so thankful for my husband and the life that I have been blessed with!

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