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Love Dare Day 3 – Love is Not Selfish

Love Dare All Things Pueblo

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; 
give preference to one another in honor. —Romans 12:10

 Whatever you put your time, energy, and
money into will become more important
to you. It’s hard to care for something
you are not investing in. Along with
restraining from negative comments,
buy your spouse something that says,
“I was thinking of you today.”

Jacque Dare

My husband is still out of town – although he’ll be home on Monday!!

I struggled with this one. How can I buy him something if he’s not here? Seriously??

Then, it hit me! I can buy him caps for his annoying cap gun. The one I hate. The one I wish would just disappear…  (Because more often than not? He sets that darn thing off in my direction when he knows it will scare me.)

I can stock the fridge with his favorites too! So he doesn’t have to make a trip to the store when he gets home.

So I suppose I’ll have a delayed reaction to this one, but that’s fine! As we learned on day one, Love is Patient.

Andrea Dare

Today didn’t start out so great for me. Mike was going downstairs to do a load a laundry and I said “I have a load in the washer, so you can give them to me and I will take them down”. And his response was “I need you put them in the washer, not just take them downstairs”. That triggered me and I responded “duh”. Not the mostly loving words and I should have been more clear about putting them in the washer for him.

Hopefully I made up with rude comment when I bought him a pack of dark brown socks from Kohls. Yes, brown socks… you see at least once a week we have some kind of argument over brown socks. Either they are dirty or lost when he wants to wear them. So I solved the problem and his face lit up when I gave him the bag with dark brown socks in it 🙂

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