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Must Have Photo Apps! {Mobile Monday}

Must Have Apps

It’s almost impossible to avoid the many cell phone camera apps these days, so as part of Mobile Monday I thought I’d share my favorite apps! Unfortunately, since I have an iPhone, these apps are ones I use regularly on my phone – I will link the Android Version where available!  (BTW, did you know that All Things Pueblo is on Instagram?)

These apps are in no particular order – and I can’t really say I have an absolute “Favorite” photo app!

PicStitch Pic Stitch – FREE – iOS

This app is great for Instagram Collages! (Such as our All Things Pueblo Halloween Funday on the left!) I don’t typically use it for more than 4 images – as they tend to be fairly small beyond that point – but you can get as many as 12 boxes on one square image!

Also, with a recent update Pic Stitch has added different sizes – so you can make web graphics and even an 8×10 size option! (Although I tend to prefer the squares for Instagram photos, and haven’t used it for much more.)


Studio – FREE – iOS

I have an addiction to adding text to my photos – especially those that are going on Instagram! (It’s fun to be able to create a quick quote or make a note of where/what you were doing!)

Studio is a free app, with plenty of add-ons available (in-app purchases) — However I’ve been happy with those available and have not purchased extras for this specific app.


Rhonna Rhonna Designs – $1.99 – iOS

This app does cost $1.99 (plus additional in-app packs available) and it is worth EVERY PENNY!!

There is SO MUCH you can do with this app, beyond just adding text or pictures. It is an incredibly innovative app in terms of mobile editing! It’s sort of like scrapbooking on your iPhone!

Like Studio – you can also add filters (which I tend to do BEFORE Instagram if I can, I tend to like the filters in Rhonna Designs the best of any app.)


LabelboxLabelbox – Free – iOS/Android

This app is simple, to the point and easy to use. You add a label to your photo.

This was one of my first “extra” apps, and it’s one that I still use with some regularity.  Again, it’s FREE, with in-app add-ons available. (Although I’ve never added extras, unless they are offered on a free promo!)

The downside is that you can’t edit your text once it’s typed! But, it’s a great app for someone not wanting to do much customization.


A Beautiful MessA Beautiful Mess –  $0.99 – iOS

This app is along the same lines as a few I’ve already mentioned – adding graphics, text and boarders to your photos. Like the others – it also keeps the square format (instagram ready)

The downside is that without extra purchases, you’re pretty limited on both graphics and fonts. (I’d say this was my “gateway” app to paid photo apps, I was addicted to all the things I could do with it!!)

Over App Over – $1.99 – iOS

 More of the text/graphics over photos, although this time you have the ability to leave your image full size!! (And a huge variety of artistic options – if you opt for in-app purchases! Which I must admit, I’ve opted for most of the add-on packs!)

One of my favorite things about this app is the wide variety of ready made quotes/graphics/expressions aimed at outdoorsy activities!

Mobile Monday

How about you? What’s your favorite photo app?  (And stay tuned – we have a guest-blogger in the near future with Android Apps!)

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