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Newborn Hope Wine and Cheese Tasting

Newborn Hope Wine and Cheese


On Friday, October 24, Newborn Hope is hosting their first annual Wine and Cheese Tasting at 5th and Main Espresso Bar! Tickets are $20 (and will be available at the door) for a fun evening of wine and cheese tasting with delicious appetizers!

This event is perfect for date night and runs from 5:30-7:30! (And there is a wine grab – for $20 you pick a cork and go home with a bottle valuing up to $75!)

NBH Cheese and Wine

Now if you’re like I was 4 years ago you’re asking “What the heck is Newborn Hope?”  (Valid question – as it’s still fairly unknown here in Pueblo! But one of my goals is to change that! So stick with me for a moment while I tell you about this amazing organization!)

The Basics from the Newborn Hope website:

Newborn Hope, Inc. is a Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that raises funds and supports programs for the advancement of maternal, fetal and neonatal healthcare and well being. Newborn Hope has raised more than 4.7 million dollars for programs concerned with the prevention of premature birth and for the treatment of critically ill newborns.

But what does this really mean? Newborn Hope is a Colorado based organization – with all monies raised staying in Colorado. (And here at All Things Pueblo, we love to support local businesses and events!)

Did you know that for a long time Colorado had the HIGHEST rate of Pre-term birth in the nation? (That has since dropped, but still an interesting fact!)  In fact, in 2002 12% of all babies born in Colorado were pre-term – meaning they were born prior to 36 weeks gestation.

Newborn Hope is helping to raise awareness and prevention of premature childbirth. The organization was started in Colorado Springs in 1973 by Zoya Dickins Miller with a luncheon called “November Noel” and has been going strong ever since! There is a luncheon every February here in Pueblo at the Country Club. (2015’s will be February 6 – if you’re interested, just fill our our contact form and we can get you more information!)

So what does money go to? It goes out in the form of Grants, with Pueblo County receiving grant money for everything from equipment for the NICU’s to taxi vouchers for parents with premature babies for medical care. But the really great thing is that all the money raised by this primarily volunteer run organization (with only 2 very part time staff members) is that it stays in Colorado!

If you’re interested in purchasing a ticket for the Wine and Cheese Tasting, or learning more about Newborn Hope, please leave a comment below, or fill out our contact form!  (I am a co-chair for the 2015 luncheon, and can gladly share information about this fantastic organization!)

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