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Organize your Desktop Background in just a few clicks! {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Organize your Desktop in just a few clicks!

I was getting really tired of having to hunt to find anything on my desktop! I’m a busy homeschooling mom trying to run two blogs, organize a MOPS group as well as another Church group and just plain keep up with life. I spent a LOT of time on my laptop, planning and just playing. My desktop was a nightmare. (I’ll even hide my pride and show you a photo of it!)

Cluttered Desktop

After a frustrating afternoon of trying to put together a business card for a friend, I decided that there had to be a better way to organize it than just a ton of folders lined up across the desktop. (Even if I did have them labelled well!) So I opened Photoshop and began to play around!

The result?

Organized Desktop

I’ve made a few extra sizes, if you’re interested in your own background! Just download the proper size from the links below and enjoy! (You can add your own headers in your Photo Editing Software or free at Picmonkey.com!

1920 x 1200    |    1600 x 1200    |    1024 x 768

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