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Pueblo Boy Scouts



Earlier this week we talked about Girl Scouts in Pueblo, so it’s only fair that we highlight the boys as well! (Although, admittedly? I’m nowhere near as familiar with the Boy Scouts – having a daughter – as I am with the Girls!)

Boy Scouts is open to boys of all ages once they enter school! (We found this nifty Boy Scout Chart to break down the age ranks!) There’s even a program, Venturing, for girls once they turn 14 years of age!

So what exactly do the boy scouts do? Prior to this year, my knowledge was limited to watching my nephew build a pinewood derby car and write my check for his annual popcorn sales! I knew they tied knots, and wielded pocket knives and had occasional camping trips! But much thanks to my awesome neighbor? I have learned that there is so much more to scouting! (I even asked my neighbors son, a 5th Grade Webelo “We Be Loyal to Scouts” for a few reasons why he loves Scouting! His answers are at the bottom of this post!)

Pueblo is part of the Rocky Mountain Council – so if you’re interested in joining and do not have a connection to a local troop or pack? You can contact them! They are located at 411 S Pueblo Blvd (81005) and their phone number is 719-561-1220

A huge thank you to Austin for taking the time to answer my question – “Tell me 5 things you like about Boy Scouts and why!”

#1. Camping- I like to get outdoors and sleep up in the mountains
#2. Pinewood Derby Racing- I am able to use tools to make model cars, and then race them!
#3. Earning awards- you to earn belt loops, pins and other awards by doing fun things!
#4. Fun games and activities. Younger to have fun!
#5. Day camps – you get to learn fun stuff and make cool crafts.
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