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Redbox Instant Review

Redbox InstantFor as long as I can remember I have fallen asleep watching TV. (I know, it’s a HORRIBLE habit! Maybe it’ll be next years New Years Resolution to give that up.) When I was in elementary school I had a TV in my bedroom, so I know that’s when the habit started. But my husband? He doesn’t want a TV in the bedroom, so we don’t have one.

Instead? I fall asleep watching movies on my iPad which rests in it’s docking station. A few months back, Netflix updated their app so that you can no longer watch movies in Portrait mode. This ruined my nighttime movie watching.

So while we were out on vacation last month I noticed that the RedBox has a new Instant Stream option! We decided to give it a try, and were for the most part really satisfied. For $8/month I can get Streaming videos and 4 credits for the RedBox machine (which I use AT LEAST 4 times per month!) And even better? It has a one month trial that you can cancel at anytime!

Was this a replacement for Netflix? Probably not yet.

Why? Well, because despite the fantastic ability to play in Portrait Mode while my iPad is in it’s dock? (Which Netflix has removed from their app.) Redbox Instant is still a new service, and unfortunately that means that equates to a limited catalog of movies.  (Google tells me that they currently have ‘more than 5,500 titles’ but no Television Series – which is a huge seller for their competitors!) However, they do have some older movies that I love which aren’t available on the competitors! (Little Big League, A River Runs Through It and the Olsen Twins movies – which my daughter loves, to name a few!)

Pros of the Redbox Instant:

  • Great Low Price ($6/month instant view only, $8/month with 4 credits, $9/month with 4 Blu-Ray)
  • I get 4 rentals for the NEW NEW NEW movies a month (I really miss that option for CHEAP with Netflix!)
  • Plays on many Platforms ( Streams to computer, Xbox 360, Samsung Smart TV & Blu-ray players, Apple iPhones & iPads, and Android phones & tablets. Also, Roku – as of this month! )
  • AMAZING Child Protection Options (3 age range options, displaying ONLY movies for that age range!)
  • Easy to use website – my 5 year old had no trouble navigating! (And honestly, I found it more visibly appealing than Netflix and Hulu!)
  • Many of the Movie Titles are newer (and slightly more appealing) than those on Netflix

Cons of the Redbox Instant:

  • No Television Shows (yet?)
  • Relatively Small Catalog of Movies

In the end? I really love Redbox Instant and will be keeping it (for as long as my budget allows!) I have dropped my Hulu Plus membership (we are a no-cable house, and I’ve had Netflix and Hulu for several years now) and will be keeping Redbox Instant!! (If for nothing else, the ability to watch in bed on my iPad and the 4 included rentals at a kiosk!)

Seriously, you should check out the free trial – you can cancel before the first month is up with no obligation!

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