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Saving Money on Groceries in Pueblo

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We’re all looking for ways to saving money now days, let’s face everyday we hear about “something” going up.   I’m so excited that I found a new free grocery money saving app that over the last few months our family has saved 30-70% off our grocery and household items, thanks to the app.  Now that I have had more time to use it and play with it’s amazing!  You can compare all advertised prices at all stores.  Let’s say you only need milk and you want to know what’s the best price on it.  You simple click on the magnify glass and type in milk in the search (see example).

grocery app

And you will see all of the “advertised” prices of milk within your city limits (just like the picture below).

free grocery appAnd, if there is any coupons that are available for your search you will see a red paper click next to the price.  Once you click on the item you will see where you can find the coupon or if it’s a printable coupon you can email it to yourself.  You can also “add items to your list” and once you’re done you click a button and email it to yourself as well.

free grocery price app

You can pick up to 10 local grocery and drug store’s of your choice for free!  You can download the app here for free.  If, you don’t have a smart phone you can also search for any items here (if you live in Southern Colorado, that is).  Happy Saving!!!

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