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Spring Break at the Children’s Museum

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Spring Break Fun at the Buell Children's MuseumAmazing Food Detective

This Spring Break,  bring your child to the Buell Children’s Museum. There will be special performances of the Amazing Food Detective, sponsored by Kaiser Permanente! Show times are at noon and 2:00, from March 24th through March 27th. Performance entry fee is included in the price of admission to the Arts Center.


The Amazing Food Detective(Zachary Friberg) teaches junior food detectives how to live a healthy life as he helps Carlos Crusader (Dane Anderson) find the energy he needs to play the sports he loves. Carlos’ mother (Chelsey Figgins) soon discovers that she’s been feeding him all the wrong foods. Coach Jumping Jack Johnson (Quin Friberg) intervenes upon the request of the Amazing Food Detective and gives Carlos and friend Angela (Alexandra Pepin) the tools to face the day-to-day influences that may sway them away from healthier behaviors. A series of catchy songs that are easy to remember and even easier to apply, reinforce the positive messages.

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