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Garden Talk at Giodone Library — 10 August

At Giodone Library, from 11 am to 12 am, learn to identify common garden insects and diseases and how to control them. Colorado Master Gardeners will share tips on how to predict when outbreaks will happen, which plants are susceptible, and how to manage the pest while protecting the pollinators.

Common August landscape problems include potato/tomato psyllids, spider mites, spotted wing drosophila, yellowjackets, and bacterial wetwood.

Bring plant samples or photos and Colorado Master Gardeners will assist with
diagnosing your plant health challenges.

FREE Movie at the Library

Come see Titan A.E. (a PG-rated movie) at Rawings library at 2pm.


Movie Synopsis

Titan A.E. combines cel and CG imagery in this science fiction saga. In 3028, after the Earth is destroyed by an invading alien race, a tiny number of surviving humans roam the universe in ragtag spaceships, trying to find each other and maintain some sense of community. Shortly before the final destruction of the planet, Cale was given a map that would guide him to a space station called Titan, secretly constructed as a last hope in the event of alien Armageddon. Cale sets out in search of Titan and the fabled Ice Planet with the help of his friend Korso, the beautiful Akima, and a crew of friendly aliens.


May’s Dog Hike

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This Saturday’s hike is sure to be fun for those who run on two feet and on four. Have fun in the great outdoors! Strengthen your bond with your dog by spending time together. Give you and your dog a chance to stretch those legs after a busy week. Help your dog socialize with other dogs. Provide your dog and yourself with a smorgasbord of scents and sights through this group hike.

The group will gather this Saturday, May 17th, in the parking lot of the Mountain Park Environmental Center and will set out at 1 pm. And don’t forget to bring water (and maybe a snack).

The guide for this hike will be Ranger Sandy.  Sandy Christensen is a long-time teacher of physical education and health for diverse age groups. She has traveled the world and is now a part of the Earth Studies team at the Mountain Park Environmental Center.


Price: $5 for nonmembers, free for members


Mountain Park Environmental Center
9112 Pueblo Mountain Park Road
Beulah, CO 81023

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