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From the Schoolhouse to Your House, Part 2

Thank you for joining us again! In this post, we’ll follow up from Part 1 by discussing independent, or umbrella, schools and how they can fulfill the homeschool family’s needs. We’ll also talk about finding great homeschool groups! So come on! Grab a cup of coffee – or now that you’re a homeschooler, go ahead and grab that glass of wine – and let’s talk!

Umbrella Schools

Umbrella, or Independent, schools are a protective alternative for homeschool families that fulfill the state’s homeschool laws on behalf of the homeschooler. Umbrella schools are subject to all non-public school laws, but as a type of private school, each one sets their own policies for the families enrolled and vary widely in what they offer and what they cost. Some independent schools:

  • Allow parents to choose how and what they teach
  • Offer specific curriculum
  • Offer group classes and field trips
  • Offer sports
  • Offer scholarships and diplomas
  • Operate within a particular faith
  • Maintain a secular outlook
  • Simply assist the homeschooler to comply with the state’s laws and offer nothing more

You can access a list of several Colorado umbrella schools here. Interestingly, you can also create your own umbrella school! To find out how, check out this article.

Homeschool Groups

You must know and follow the law to homeschool successfully, but a close second in importance is finding your tribe. Oh, dear parents, homeschooling is not an adventure best taken alone! Thankfully, Colorado is teeming with support groups to meet every need and desire. In every nook and cranny, mountain town and valley community, big city and podunk, homeschool families are present and searching for ways to get together with others. If you simply do an internet search for “Homeschool groups in Colorado”, you will find a number of websites sharing myriad groups, co-ops, and communities like this one, and this one.

Facebook is also an excellent way to find local homeschool groups. Having lived in Pueblo since our start in home education, I’m only familiar with the groups here. Many are Facebook-only groups, meaning if you’re not on social media you won’t know what is going on within the group. One of the largest support groups is Pueblo Eclectic Homeschoolers. PEC is a Facebook-only group and has a $10 per family, per year fee. That fee is put toward many of the events that are offered.

Homeschoolers of Pueblo, Christian Homeschoolers of Pueblo, and Classical Conversations (CC) are but a few other bands of homeschoolers. You can find the Pueblo chapter of CC here. Take advantage of these amazing communities – or create your own! We all need our tribe!

Join us again next time for Part 3 where we’ll talk about homeschooling methods and the cost of home education.