Teen Iron Chef – Cooking Classes for Teens in Pueblo


Teen Cooking Class

Do you have a teen who enjoys cooking or dreams of being a chef?  The Pueblo & Pueblo West Library’s are hosting the Teen Iron Chef, where your teen will make a delicious dessert and she or he could even win a prize for their dessert!  This sounds like a ton of fun and normally all the events at the library are free, but you can always confirm that by calling the library.  Not to mention an event that teaches our children life lessons.  If, your child attends this event please send us a photo and we will post it on All Things Pueblo!


Age(s): Teen

How good are your culinary skills? Join us for a competition! Make the most delicious dessert and you could win a prize! Teen event: ages 13-17.  Like I said earlier if your child attends the event don’t forget to send us a picture!
For more information visit the Pueblo Library website.