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Thank You Pueblo, an update from Facebook

Pueblo, I want to take a moment to say Thank You!

Last night we posted on our Facebook page about a missing Pueblo Boy in the Greenhorn Mountains, and despite being almost midnight when I posted? We had a few readers who made the drive to Ophir road to help with the search party. Words can not describe how incredibly Thankful I am for such amazing readers here in Pueblo! I promise you all of your prayers and thoughts were also appreciated!

At 5am, I checked for updates (this is a family that I know from our local homeschool group, and have many mutual friends with – although at this time to respect their privacy I am withholding their name, I’m sure you all can understand!)

We have directions (below) with how to find the Base Camp for the Search and Rescue – with this update from someone who headed up there last night!

“It seems that Pole Creek Parking lot is up a bit further up on the mountain…the directions my husband has from a park ranger are: go up Ophir Creek Rd. about 2 miles to the fork, stay LEFT another 6 miles to a four-way intersection. Turn LEFT 8 more miles.”

Click on the link to get directions to Ophir Creek Road if you are able to go help search for Clayton. Amy said Pole Creek parking lot is about 2 miles up the road. An alternate route is to take Hwy 96 (Thatcher) 35.6 miles to Hwy 165 and turn left on 165. Then go 11.7 miles and turn right on County Hwy 360/Ophir Creek Road. Pole Creek Parking Lot is appx. 2 miles up Ophir Creek Road.

Again, Thank you all for praying and taking action! Just more proof of what an amazing community we have here in Pueblo! Please continue your thoughts and prayers for this family, as we approach 24 hours since Clayton went missing in the Greenhorn Mountains. I will try to keep you all updated to the best of my ability!

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