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The IDEA Convention Comes to Rawlings Library on August 1st

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Cosplay, Comics, & Technology

Music, Movies, & Games

The IDEA Con offers creative workshops, art booths, live music, science demonstrations, games, Medieval re-enactors, and a cosplay contest. The convention will run from 10 am – 5 pm this Saturday, August 1st at Rawlings Library.

Below is a schedule of events.


IDEA Con Schedule
August 1, 2015

First Floor
Courtyard and front
11:00-2:00 demonstrations by blacksmith Alexander Chavez of Gavonnon Iron Works
11:00-5:00 demonstrations by Black Falcon School of Arms
11:00-5:00 demonstrations of various drones by Justin Bregar
12:00-4:00 jazz vocals by Kimberly Sewell

12:00-1:00 “Rap Sprays and Letter Science” by Jacob Barger
1:30-2:30 “Art for Comics” by Matt Campbell
3:00-4:00 “Comic Book Collaboration” by Jason Montoya

Second Floor
Idea Factory
10:00-12:00 “Maker-in-Residence Workshop” by City Beat Modern Quilters
11:00-5:00 Idea Factory tours (approximately every half hour)
12:30-2:30 “Finch Bot Workshop” by David Hartkop (limited space)
3:00-4:00 “Adobe Lightroom Basics” by Rachel Salazar

Outside Idea Factory
11:00-5:00 learn card, board and miniature games from John Tiffany of Chaos, Games and More
11:00-5:00 try out Squishy Circuits

Fourth Floor
11:00-5:00 make figures from your favorite fandoms out of paper

InfoZone Theater
2:00-4:30 “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”

Ryals Room
11:00-5:00 vendor/information booths: 501st Legion, Matt Campbell Art, Damon Runyon Theater, FoxyFunk Designs, Jambone Creative, A.L. Kessler, Meents Illustrated, National Muckleball League, Christopher M. Salas, Sheath Comics, Themis Comics, Benjamin Worrell, Yokaze Cosplay
1:30-2:30 “Armor Crafting with Thermal Plastics” by Yokaze Cosplay
4:00 Cosplay Competition

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