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Why I Use the Pocket App! (Mobile Monday)


Last week I was on vacation and realized just how much I utilize the Pocket App! Standing in line at the store, waiting for a friend at a restaurant, waiting for an open gas pump, I was constantly using Pocket! So I thought I would share a little about this fun app with you guys!


What exactly is Pocket? Pocket is a “Read it Later” app, basically a fancy way of bookmarking from your phone. Makes it easy to save and share web links, photos, videos and more from within other apps (like Twitter, CNN or the internet!) And then sync them with your other devices for reading later.

When and why would I use it? I find myself using it all the time – if I have a few minutes to wait and I am browsing Twitter, Facebook, or the web from my phone I find that I usually find something I want to save for later. A blog post, a book review, an article. So I use pocket, that way I can find it on my phone, my iPad or my computer when I have more time!

Why not one of “the others”? There are a lot of Apps out there that do this (and it’s equally as easy to email yourself the link) But I have found that Pocket is simple, to the point and user friendly. And best of all? Free!!  Pocket supports most other Apps and Devices (which is a problem with some of the competition). It’s also incredibly customizable! (Fonts, Sizes, Colors – you can change it all!) It has Firefox and Chrome extensions, so you can use it on your laptop/desktop as well.

I have previously used Instapaper, Delicious and Readability – but I’ve found that Pocket is the easiest to use, syncs flawlessly and it gets the job done. (And again, it’s FREE!!)

There are also plenty of IFTTT recipes already created for Pocket!!  (What is IFTTT?)  For example, if I “Favorite” something on Twitter, the link from that tweet will automatically go into my Pocket. (Aside from All Things Pueblo, I write a Book Review blog – so I use this for books I’d like to read, discussions I’d like to post, etc!)

Pocket IFTTT

Pocket is one of my favorite organizational apps. It sat on my phone for six months before I really realized the beauty of this app, and thus I wanted to share it with you all!

Mobile Monday


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