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Why You Should Be Using IFTTT {If This Then That}

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If you’re anything like me, you are always on the lookout for the newest, best way to organize your life! (Both your calendar, and your online accounts!) And even if you’re not? You still need to check out IFTTT!  (Pronounced like “Gift” without the G!)

If This Then That is a new(ish) online service – and iPhone App – that you create recipes for your favorite websites that cause an automated response!
IFTTT (If This Then That)


What is IFTTT?

You pick a Trigger (IF THIS) and an Action (THEN THAT).

It’s really that simple. You pick a website/app/action as your trigger (the weather, a facebook status update, and instagram photo, etc)  and the follow up Action (send a copy to your dropbox, a text, upload to facebook, etc) and then the website does the rest!!




You can make your own recipes from literally thousands of combinations!

A few of my personal recipes?

IF I post a photo to Instagram, THEN it also posts to my Flickr account.

IF I text IFTTT, THEN they create a new item in a spreadsheet on Google Doc (I log my Grocery Spending and Gas Purchases that way!)

IF I text IFTTT, THEN they call my phone!  (I have to admit – I’ve used this when I want to excuse myself from an uncomfortable situation – “Gee, sorry, I have a phone call!” )

IF it is Monday at 5pm, THEN I get a text reminder to set my trash out for trash pickup on Tuesday Morning.

IF someone tags me on facebook, THEN I get a text.

IF I save a website to Pocket, THEN the site is saved to my Evernote as well!

It’s a never-ending variation of recipes that you can set for yourself. You can have the weather texted to you (every morning, or just when the weather hits a certain temperature!) You can have updates from the NYT’s or other websites sent directly to your email.

IFTTT Recipes

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